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The Autism Society of Greater New Orleans is dedicated to increasing healthcare accessibility and health equity for the Autism community in the Greater New Orleans area. As part of this commitment, we are participating in the Vaccine Education Initiative, a public health model designed to improve healthcare accessibility for the Autism, Intellectual/Developmental Disability, and Neurodivergent communities. Please see below to access our free resources including visual supports such as visual schedules and symbol communication boards, Social stories, and educational information.

We also offer training sessions on Autism and Neurodiversity as well as on Accessible Vaccination free of charge for healthcare providers and students.  Reach out to Brittany McBride at to schedule a training session.

If you have any questions or would like more information about this program, please email us at

Communication Boards:

Visual Schedules: 

Social Stories:

Infographics and Educational flyers:

For Providers:

Online educational content.

Autism and Vaccines Podcast with Dr. Elizabeth Margolis. Find it on Vax Matters on your preferred podcast provider.

Webinar with Louisiana Department of Health:  Autism and COVID-19 Vaccines:  Answering the Big Questions, Increasing Accessibility

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