ASGNO Autism Festival.

The Autism Society of Greater New Orleans (ASGNO) will hold our annual Autism Festival on Saturday, April 22 from 11am – 3pm at the Westwego Farmers’ Market. The Festival is our main fundraiser and source of revenue that we use to offer services that empower, educate, and support our New Orleans Autism community.


$30 Max/Family
Kids 3 & under FREE


Free admission for anyone who signs up for an appointment to donate blood OR who signs up for a FREE Covid-19 Vaccine or Flu Vaccine at the event. Individuals who receive their COVID or flu vaccination at this event will be eligible for a $15 Walmart gift card provided by Nourishing Louisiana, an SVDP New Orleans/AmeriCorps VISTA program.  Use the buttons below to sign up!

Sign up for a Vaccine                                             Donate Blood

Inclusive and Accessible Vaccine Experience.
This vaccine distribution is specifically designed with the unique needs of Autistic individuals of all ages and support needs in mind. Providers are trained on inclusive vaccination for the Autism community.
Accommodations and Adaptive Equipment available:
  • Healthcare Picture Communication Boards
  • Social Stories and Visual Schedules
  • Fidgets, Sensory Supports, and Weighted Lap Pads
  • Pain Reducing items: Shotblockers and Buzzy Bees
  • Extra time available for patients to become comfortable ahead of vaccine administration
  • Additional accommodations available upon request during sign-up
  • Short wait times/no lines!
  • Flexible start times-receive your vaccines when you arrive at the fest, no specific appointment time necessary.
These accommodations and supports also improve outcomes for any individuals with needle hesitancy or anxiety surrounding vaccines and help make vaccinations a positive experience for very young children as well.
Learn more about how the Vaccine Education Initiative can help your family in our PSA:

The Festival is our major fundraiser to raise funds to be used for services, empowerment, education, and supporting Autistic individuals and their families by in the Greater New Orleans area.

Autistic individuals of all ages and their families will have the opportunity to make connections with local businesses and nonprofits who provide services to the Autism community, while enjoying food, music, games, and performances in an inclusive environment.

As of 2023, the CDC estimates 1 in 36 children are diagnosed with Autism. So our annual Festival not only helps raise awareness about and acceptance of Autism, but it is our main fundraiser to support the Autism community in the Greater New Orleans.  To see our 2022 impact, click HERE.

Get involved!

The Festival is the biggest annual fundraiser and outreach event that we host to raise funds that we use to offer services to help empower, educate and support the Autism community in the Greater New Orleans area.  This event is a success year after year because of the support from people just like you! There are so many ways you can be involved and help us put on this wonderful event! We are seeking individuals and businesses to Sponsor the festival, Donate food, drinks, paper products, advertisement and promotional consideration, silent auction items, and anything else you think may be of use to us; Vendors, Agencies, and food trucks to host booths, and individuals and groups interested in Volunteering their time.

If you are interested in helping with our festival, please visit our Sponsors, Donors, Vendors, and Volunteers Page and fill out the linked form!

About our fest.

Our Annual Autism Festival is an opportunity to meet new friends, network, connect with all the resources available in the greater New Orleans area, and have a fun-filled family day! But most of all, it is a time to celebrate the individuality and many gifts and contributions our friends and family with autism bring to our community. So come on out and celebrate with us and join in creating a world where everyone in the Autism community is connected to the support they need, when they need it.

Some of what our festival will feature this year includes:

  • Live Entertainment
  • Silent Auction
  • Complementary Professional Family Photography
  • Resource Agencies
  • Merchandise Vendors
  • Food, Drinks, Music, and more!!!

With your participation as well as your generous donations, we are able to continue to provide information and referral services through our Autism Help Line, eNewsletters, website, opportunities for support and connection through our Online Social and Support Programs, Family Outings, as well as our Mini Grant Program that provides grants to families and teachers for purchasing materials and equipment that help students with Autism in their classrooms and Autistic children and adults in their community. Because of our commitment to our community, and low organizational costs, nearly 100% of the money raised through your participation and generous donations will go towards providing these services to families living in the Greater New Orleans area.