Inclusive Healthcare Training Resources

The Autism Society of Greater New Orleans is Participating in the Vaccine Education Initiative. A public health model dedicated to improving vaccine confidence and access for the Autism and Developmental disability communities. We are also part of the Aging and Disability Vaccine Collaborative Powered by USAging. This training for healthcare providers is part of this program.

Thank you for partnering with us.  Everything you need to complete our asynchronous training on Autism and Inclusive Care is available on this webpage.  Please view the training video below, and upon completion, fill out the training evaluation linked on this page, and in the video description.


Training Evaluation (Fill this out after you watch the training to receive your certificate of completion): 

Training Evaluation

All communication boards, visual supports, educational flyers, and more can be found here:

All Resources

Links to selected equipment:
Buzzy Bees
Sensory Bottles