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The Autism Society of Greater New Orleans is dedicated to creating connections, empowering everyone in the Autism community with the resources needed to live fully.  One way we work to achieve this goal is by seeking out and creating robust community partnerships with a variety of businesses and organizations that share common goals with our organization.  All of our partners offer different supports, services, and more for Autistic individuals and their families, and we are thankful for their support of our mission.

Check out the links and information below to learn more about our partners and how they can help you!

Computing for Youth with Autism Program:  Families Helping Families NOLA

This program is for youth and young adults ages 16 to 25 who have been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and have an interest in a computer-related career. Participants are eligible for various pre-employment/transition and vocational/employment services, as well as vocational training and education in tech fields.

FHF CYA also offers various services to tech and related industry employers including consultation, training, and education in topics related to neurodiversity in the workplace, accessibility, accommodations, and inclusiveness. Partner Employers are eligible for FHF CYA’s Neurodiverse-Friendly Workplace Certification, invited to an annual convening, and afforded numerous other benefits.

FHF CYA participates in numerous advocacy initiatives to raise awareness, acceptance, and inclusion of neurodiversity in the workplace and local community.

FHF CYA’s mission is to champion neurodiversity in the workplace by providing transition and employment services, placement in competitive community-based employment, employer training and education, and advocacy activities.

Learn more on their Website here:
Check out their Brochure

Join us on March 27th 2024 at noon for a Live information session about the program!  Registration information will be sent out via our Email Subscription.

Morrison Law Group PLC

Morrison Law Group, PLC has specialized in estate planning, successions, and elder law issues since 2004. With offices in Metairie and Covington, our passion is ensuring Southeast Louisiana families prevent issues and achieve peace of mind through proactive and practical legal planning.

Louisiana families who have a family member with a disability must plan for the future very carefully. How assets are left after your death can have a tremendous impact on the quality of life for that person. To protect a person with special needs, a well-defined estate plan is vital.

We assist clients with special needs family members by creating Special Needs Estate Plans. These tailored plans help them preserve government benefits while having their loved ones cared for in all areas of their life: financial, educational, and medical, and most importantly, their emotional and personal needs in the future.

Morrison Law Group partnered with ASGNO in 2023 to offer a FREE Power of Attorney Access Day in August, and will be partnering with ASGNO to offer another one of these events in August of 2024.  Chip Morrison will also be donating his time to offer three different educational sessions for families via zoom in 2024.  Sign up for our Email Subscription to be alerted when registration opens for these events.

Thank you to Morrison Law Group PLC for your dedication to the Autism community!

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