Monthly resource toolkits.

The Autism Society of America provides resource toolkits to affiliates like us all over the country to aid us in our mission to create connections, empowering all in the Autism community to live fully.  Each month has a different theme, and you can find the materials from each month linked on the pages below.  Feel free to share the links to these pages with anyone you think will benefit from these resources.  You can also download any social stories for your own use.  If there is a theme you are interested in being addressed, please email us at so we can suggest it!


January 2021-New Year, New Beginnings

February 2021-Black History Month

March 2021-Developmental Disabilities Month, Women and Autism

May 2021- Mental Health Awareness Month

June 2021-Pride Month, Autistic Pride Day

July 2021-Strengthening Family Bonds


July 2020-Racism and Protests, COVID-19 Resources, Summer Staycation, and Alternate Activities.

August 2020- Back to School: “The New Normal,” IEP Resources, Public Policy, and Advocacy

September Toolkit-2020 Election: What You Need to Know

October 2020- National Disability Employment Awareness Month

November 2020- National Caregivers Month

December 2020-Holiday Support