Inclusive Summer Family Fun Day

Come on out on July 8th from 10:00 AM – 1:00 PM for our first ever Inclusive Summer Family Fun Day at the Westwego Farmers Market at 484 Sala Ave.


We will have water play areas, sensory play, bubbles, crafts, and more hosted by ASGNO with the help of our community partners.  Food, Treats, and Drinks will be available to purchase from local vendors.

Grab some sunscreen and come join us for the fun!

Get Free Admission-Sign up for a Vaccine


Free admission for individuals 6 months and up who sign up to receive a FREE Covid-19 Vaccine at the event and their family.  Individuals who receive their COVID-19 Vaccination at this event will be eligible for a $15 Walmart gift card provided by Nourishing Louisiana, an SVDP New Orleans/AmeriCorps VISTA program. 

Additional perks for those receiving vaccines include:

  • A free Vaccine Accessibility kit.
  • The first 30 people receiving vaccines at the event will be entered into a drawing for a complementary lunch or brunch for 4 at The Grill Room at Windsor Court. (Max $300.  Excludes Alcohol and Gratuity)

Sign up using the button below:

Sign up for a Vaccine

Learn more about our adaptive and inclusive vaccination model

All individuals 6 months and older are eligible for a COVID-19 Bivalent Booster.  Adults over 65 or individuals who are immunocompromised are eligible for a second COVID-19 Booster at least 6 months after their first one.
This vaccine distribution is specifically designed with the unique needs of Autistic individuals of all ages and support needs in mind. Our model and accommodations and supports also improve outcomes for any individuals with needle hesitancy or anxiety surrounding vaccines and help make vaccinations a positive experience for very young children as well.
Accommodations and Adaptive Equipment available:
-Healthcare Picture Communication Boards
-Social Stories and Visual Schedules
-Fidgets, Sensory Supports, and Weighted Lap Pads
-Pain Reducing items: Shotblockers and Buzzy Bees
-Extra time available for patients to become comfortable ahead of vaccine administration
-Additional accommodations available upon request during sign-up
-Short wait times/no lines!
-Flexible start times-receive your vaccines when you arrive at the event, no specific appointment time necessary.
Learn more about how the Vaccine Education Initiative can help your family in our PSA:…
As part of our commitment to our community we are seeking feedback from caregivers of both Autistic and non-Autistic children ages 0-5 in our service area about their concerns, thoughts, and decisions related to either getting or not getting the COVID-19 Vaccines for their children. We hope to gain a greater understanding of our community’s concerns, needs and any barriers you have experienced. Survey can be completed anonymously: