ASGNO Mini-Grant program terms and conditions.

General information:

Follow all instructions as detailed on our website and inside the mini-grant online application form.  Failure to follow instructions will result in disqualification of your application from consideration.  Families, and Autistic Individuals may apply for up to $300, but may be awarded less than the requested amount due to number of applications and/or funds availability.  Awards and Rejection letters will be sent out via mail.  If you do not receive a letter by December 31st 2023, send us an email at to check on your application status.

Award recipients MUST:

  • Use the award money to purchase the same, or similar item as stated in the application.  If a different item must be purchased, award recipients must contact ASGNO for approval BEFORE funds are spent.
  • Submit receipts from purchase to ASGNO within 90 days of award receipt.
  • Refund excess funds to ASGNO promptly.
***Failure to do any of the above can result in permanent disqualification from future consideration***

Your application will be disqualified from consideration if:

  • The applicant does not live in Jefferson, Orleans, Plaquemines, St. Bernard, St. Charles, St. James, St. John the Baptist, Washington, and St. Tammany Parishes (for parents and individuals)..
  • You submit more than one application per household.
  • Your application is not complete.
  • You do not submit the correct documents.
  • Your request more than $300.
  • Your application is not received during the application period
  • You apply for an item that is not approvable per our instructions
  • You did not submit your receipts from a previous mini-grant year.  All award recipients are required to submit a receipt showing the total as well as the items purchased within 90 days of receiving the award.
  • In a previous year you purchased a different item than you applied for without permission from ASGNO.
  • You failed to refund excess funds to ASGNO in previous years.
  • ASGNO reserves the right to deny applications for other reasons than those listed above including but not limited to:  funds availability, and unclear benefit of proposed funds use as stated in application.

Mini-Grant eligibility forgiveness:

The Autism Society of Greater New Orleans offers options for those who have been disqualified from the Mini-Grant program to become re-eligible for consideration.  These options will allow you to be eligible for consideration in the 2024 Mini-Grant Program, however will not allow you to be eligible for consideration for the 2023 Mini-Grant Program. Please contact our Executive Director Claire Tibbetts at for more information about how to qualify for eligibility forgiveness.

  • You can regain eligibility for future grant years by submitting your out of compliance receipts.  Receipts must show the items purchased, amount spent, and the date of purchase to be considered for eligibility forgiveness. The items purchased MUST match the items requested in your original application, or, if different, must have been approved by ASGNO.
  • If you neglected to refund excess funds to ASGNO, you can regain your eligibility for future grant years by refunding the neglected funds along with your receipt submission.
  • If you purchased a different item than you applied for without prior approval from ASGNO you ARE NOT eligible for the forgiveness program and will remain permanently disqualified from future mini-grant programs.
  • Applicants are only eligible for the forgiveness program ONCE.  Any further failure to comply with the Mini-Grant Terms and Conditions will result in permanent disqualification from consideration.