A letter from our leader.

2022 was a exciting year for the Autism Society Greater New Orleans.  From the return of our annual Autism Festival, to the 12th year of our Mini-Grant program, our staff, board, and volunteers provided vital services to our community.  Every year, we strive to better serve Autistic individuals and their families in our service area, and we are constantly re-evaluating and adapting our programs and services based on the needs we identify.  In the upcoming year, we will be focusing on further expanding our family outing program, which was piloted in 2022, and our inclusive holiday events such as our Inclusive Halloween Party, and Sensory Santa.

In 2022, we participated in the Vaccine Education Initiative along with 11 other affiliates across the country, where we shared accessible resources, provided education, and created opportunities for Autistic individuals to receive COVID-19 Vaccines through accessible vaccination clinics.  Lack of accessibility of care is a serious barrier to health for Autistic individuals, and our organization will continue to seek out initiatives, funding, and programs to participate in that help us to break down barriers, and increase access to inclusive care environments. 

The Autism Society Greater New Orleans is thankful to our donors and sponsors for being the connection, and allowing us to provide vital supports, programming and services to our local area.  Because of your support we can continue to develop resources, create new programs, and advocate for inclusive policies and practices at the local and state level, and build connections, not only to resources, but also to each other. 

As effective stewards, we continually strive to be responsive and accessible to societal needs, challenges, and opportunities that arise. Through the work of our affiliate, individuals and families can connect with each other, with resources, and with supports and services so that they may live full, vibrant, self-actualized lives. Thank you to all the individuals, families, businesses, and community partners that have played a crucial role in fulfilling our mission and positively impacting the lives of so many.

The connection is you.

Claire Tibbetts, RKT
Executive Director

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